Looking for Halloween Costumes for Kids

In as early as now, my mom already reminded me to buy and look for Halloween costumes for kids before going home next week so they won’t experience the same thing during the United Nations celebration for the kids in school. Mom wanted, as much as possible, to make almost but not all for her grandchildren, to be well-prepared and not being rushed into. Perhaps, that is why, she’d want me to look for Halloween costumes now.

Halloween Costumes for KidsHalloween Costumes for Kids (image from hubimg.com)

There are a lot of costumes to choose from but I do not exactly know which is which and what size would surely fit for the two kids since it is more than six (6) months now that we saw each other. When I called home and talk to the two kids, Didang mentioned she wanted a “witch” costume while Didong wanted to wear “Skeleton” costume. Though I am not certain for the sizes of these costumes, but at least, I already have ideas on what to buy for them.

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