Lost Toy Cables

Every time I went home, I always give presents to my niece and nephews. And most of what they loved to receive from me are, of course, toys.

Toys (image source and credits)

Though my vacation is yet too far to think of, but in as early as now, I am already sporting and actually gradually making my bin full-packed of toys. However, when I shopped for one toy two weeks ago, I didn’t notice that there were no toy cables in the box. That toy was supposed to be for Baby Abong. I am not sure if I lost it or I totally overlooked it from the sales attendant if he has fixed it back to its box.

I am afraid if the same thing happened last December 2011 would happen again. That time, I also forgot to double check if all the parts of the toy car of Baby Abong were placed back to the box after it was tested fine.

Whew! I guess, I need to get back to the mall, maybe this coming Sunday, to see what’s best for this toy.

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