Pink Dallas Cowboys Baby Clothes

I’m planning to go home a month from now. And so this early, I am also sporting for pressies for the little men and women at home, Didong, Didang, Abong and Baby Esang. Since I have all good pressie ideas for the first three cute kids, I am still hooked at what stuff to buy for the two-month old Baby Esang.

What do you I could shop for her?

Pink stuff for baby girls are cute, as what a friend of mine and even my sisters shared. So I tried looking for pink body suit for Baby Esang. Can you guess what I’ve found? Smiley Well, it is the sporty baby girl’s outfit, a pink Dallas Cowboys Baby Clothes.

Pink Dallas Cowboys Baby Clothes Pink Dallas Cowboys Baby Clothes (image from

I am not a football player rather a basketball player. But I love to watch Dallas games and so I loved to invite my little niece as soon as she’ll get bigger to play football Smiley as well as being a great fan of Dallas Cowboys too. Haha.

But I am just wondering, since I haven’t seen her in person yet, how big is she now? And what would be the appropriate Dallas Cowboy pink suit size I should buy for her? She’s just 2-month old now and my mom and sister said she’s bigger than her age. Do you have any ideas on this? Rest assured, a pink suit will be coming on Baby Esang’s way next month.

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