Playing in the Rain

I always love to play in the rain until today. Much more seeing innocent kids feeling every drop of the rain.

Playing in the Rain

That is Abong, the younger brother of Didang. Don’t you know this was his first every play with the rain. Yes! It’s because he doesn’t want to bath with cold water. We used to name him kandingon which means ‘like a goat’ who doesn’t want to take a bath in the local dialect.

This is my 2/365 entries of Blog Photo Challenge hosted by RARed Photography.

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10 Responses to Playing in the Rain

  1. sawakan says:

    this is heavenly! this is something i will never forget and wish i can go back to my childhood to do this once again… this is also something i want my two girls to experience so they’ll know ligo sa uwan is more fun than sitting down playing video games

  2. tsang says:

    hehehe the name made me laugh Gay, abong lil bro of didang hehe what a namename. pareha sd sa amoa titing, yoyong LOL anyway, i think the rain in pinas is way better than the rain. maybe because there’s a lot of rain there and we get to enjoy playing the rain shower often.

  3. raya says:

    awww. nostalgic! looking at this photo brings me back to many fun childhood memories!

  4. genefaith says:

    nag-enjoy jud imong gwapito Gay:) it’s been a while that I haven’t allowed my boy to bath under the rain…if it will rain on weekend, I maybe allow him to enjoy the rain bec. when I’m elementary it’s heaven if my parents will allow us to play with the rain:)

  5. Diaper Days says:

    Oh this is cute picture, this reminds me with my nephews way back in Davao, I am so excited to meet them this June..I also love to bath in the rain but not here in Sweden since it is very cold hehe..

  6. XyeXyrus says:

    Sakto! kandingon ang tawag sa tawo dli kaau mualigo ka tugnaw. hehe.. After this first encounter in the rain I’m sure he’ll be the first to play next time it rain.

    Visiting from BPC 2013 here’s my BPC 2/365

  7. Rcel says:

    Ehehehe! Cute pic, Gay! I love playing in the rain myself! I did that a lot of times when I was little. So when Triz grew each year, when it rains in the summer, we let her play and get wet in the rain so she, too, will experience the fun we did. 🙂

    Thanks for linking this to BPC!

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  9. Dhemz says:

    hhahaa…kandingon man jud! I miss those days when we were little…maligo dayon sa suba kay after the rain mag baha man…so ang suba abunda kau ug tubig…lol!

    BPC hop pod!

  10. emzkie says:

    kandingon. hehe.. that is funny. reminds me of my childhood days. i used to be afraid of taking a bath too when i was young, but i sure love bathing in the rain. hehe

    BPC hop ko Gay

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