Self-Studying Kids

When my mom visited me last weekend, while we were planning about the coming Summer vacation getaway of the two kids, Didong and Didang, she has mentioned that they both have stopped attending their primary classes. They found out that the teachers in their school used to scold the two kids for no reasons. In fact, it was caught one time by my brother, Didang‘s dad, while their teacher was scolding the two kids having a highly toned voice, Didang was crying until she went home. Even the chaperones of other kids studying in their school also noticed those incidences.

This thing started when our long-time house helper moved out from us and so no one is left at home when my aunt will accompany the two kids in school. So what they did at home, my brother just used to bring the kids in school every morning, leave them there and just fetch an hour or two after. But when my brother has caught such incidence I mentioned above, my mom never hesitated to let the kids stop from attending school anymore.

We Are Studying -- Didong & Didang

Self-Studying Kids

I can assure that these two kids are behave and obedient especially in school. Even other parents, other people can attest to that. However, proving to us by other parents and guardians of their classmates that when no one is seeing them — any guardians of the kids, the teachers are scolding them in school which the two kids didn’t experience at home, for my mom, it would then be better to let them not to attend the school anymore. Since then, the two kids just do self-studying at home.


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  1. Deli says:

    It's sad to know that some teachers could be very hard on kids. I hope that the two kids will continue to love learning whether in school or at home.
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