Spider Man Costume for Didong

Didong is really getting addicted to customized outfits for kids like Spider man costumes for kids and other superheroes. So every time I plan to go home, in the province, he always wanted me to bring him spider man costume.

Spider Man Costume for DidongSpider Man Costume for Didong (image from costumecraze.com)

While sporting for one online, I stumbled upon a plus size wedding dress which was looking like the same to what my sister-in-law used during their wedding, way back 2008. I am not sure though, but I saw it exactly the same, just, I thought, the size differs.

Anyway, I am hesitant if I will buy one spider man costume for Didong online because I can’t fully imagine and estimate how big is he now. Maybe, I will just wait until mom arrived so she can choose the right measurements and sizes for Didong.

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