Summer Fun Ideas for Kids

When the kids are off school it may be hard for you to find them something to do. Here are some tips on making sure that they are entertained during the long summer holidays.


If you are lucky enough to live near a beach then you can have a day out on the sand building sandcastles or paddling in the sea. Bucket and spades are a must as you create sculptures in the sand. Going to the beach doesn’t have to mean a great expense, take a picnic to eat so that you aren’t spending a lot of money at the vendors, still ice creams on a hot day are nice.


If you aren’t lucky enough to live near the coast then you can take your children to the local park. Parks and the great outdoors can be a fun place for kids of all ages. Most parks have swings, roundabouts and slides but some more modern ones have skate ramps, sports courts and gardens to wander round. Looking for animals is a good way to get your children interested in nature and the great outdoors.

Tourist Attractions

Thinking about the holidays is hard and you should maybe think about doing educational things too. Not sitting your kids down at the table and giving them homework to do, why not take them to an old castle or tourist attraction. This way they can learn and have some fun exploring at the same time. The history of a certain place can be fun to find out for any child.


If it is raining or a dull day and you don’t want to venture outdoors then there are plenty of things to do indoors. Grab some board games. I remember playing board games when I was younger to while away the hours on a rainy day. If you don’t have any then card games are good too. Kids can learn from playing card games, addition and counting are just a few things that they may get better at.

Computer Games

Now a days there are of course computers. Playstation’s and Xbox’s for the children to play on whilst you tidy around them. There is also the internet that your kids can play on. There are masses of online games that can be played for free. Or if you want to teach the kids things then you can set them challenges for them to find out information about certain things.


After all the busy days you will be glad when the kids are back at school so that you can have a break of your own. Perhaps settling back down to the normal life once again. That may involve day time TV, playing Tasty Bingo online or just sitting in the peace and quiet of an empty house.

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