"Tay", You Want?

Baby talks are really fun to do and learn. I’m not used to it since I wasn’t home for a couple of months but Baby Abong taught me how to.

One chilly morning, the day after I arrived home to celebrate for the Holy Week, at around 5:30 after some rounds jogging and and do stretching exercises at the town park, I brought pieces of Puto which I also love to pair with hot coffee. Just in time I went back home, Baby Abong woke up already, ran after me and shouting ‘Tay Mommy Gagay‘ repeatedly. I didn’t mind him at first coz I was clueless of what he was shouting for. I just thought he was chasing at me. But mom, who was sipping her cup of coffee also, while laughing at me said that Baby Abong was actually asking for Puto.

That was really a LOL for me. I didn’t know Puto was a Tay for him. Nyahahaha!

Baby Abong, according to my mom, calls puto and bread ‘tay’ for reasons she do not know. Some other baby talks I learned were as follows:

  • Gagang = Lugaw
  • Tatis = Pansit
  • Ah Eh = Pooping/Defacating

What about you? Can you share some baby talks too? And oh, this, by the way, is my entry for Blog Photo Challenge.

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8 Responses to "Tay", You Want?

  1. Hahaha thats really funny..My baby Camilla cant talk yet only making sounds, and here are some of her sound, dadin, tatin, mama, papa, giging.. I only understand the words mama and papa the rest I dont really know. But she says it while looking at me in the eyes it just melt me with happiness..
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  2. awww! he is a little cutie Sis Gagay 🙂 those baby talk that I miss to hear as my babies are 9 and almost 6 and yes! they gorw up so fast 🙂 Dropping by from BPC.

  3. Dhemz says:

    hhahaha…kalingaw! ka cute sa imong pamangkin dok…kalami man sa iyang gkaon nga puto…ehehehe!

    BPC hop…thanks for dropping by!
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  4. Adin B says:

    That is so cute! Tawag nya TAY dahil baka siguro sa TINAPAY? hahaha…. Babies are awesome and they can sure surprise and amaze us. When my first one started to talk he would say WAWA for water, or AWE for hurt and some other words that are just way to cute. Visiting via BPC.

  5. Kayem says:

    Tay?? Oo nga baka kasi tinapay? Hehe! Kyut 😀

    Here for BPC ^^
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  6. Chie says:

    Hahaha lahi pud og mga term ni si Baby Abong da. I thought it's Tatay for Papa or Lolo hehhe. Cute.

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  7. carlo says:

    mommy "TAY" means "gibitay". -1 day mamaYen namalit ug tinapay ug makakaon-kaon anden gibitay nya sa back sa door sa cabenit, didto lng nya gihipos, nd abong asking for some makakaon-kaon, gisugo nya si tani nga mkuha makakaonnaon ddto sa cabenit, ask tani "asa dapit te?" replied "ddto sulod sa cabenit gibitay likod sa sira." anden nadungog niabong ug niuban si abong pagkuha sa tinapay. sukad ato tawag ni abong sa bread "TAY".

  8. Pinx says:

    Baby Job says mamam for any drink… nya didis for… i dont know.. hehehe… very cute! very late bpc hop here.
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