Teaching Kids’ How To Play Guitars

It’s been one of my dreams before to know how to play guitars. But as time goes by, as I grew up, I realized playing guitar isn’t just as simple as listening to lectures of teachers during ordinary class. It needs patience and hardwork and of course, passion in music to learn and to perfect each pitch of the guitar strings. And most of my friends who comfortably string guitars, they started to learn guitars during their childhood years. So I guess, for the kids to learn guitars, it is best to teach them as early as 8 years old or younger than that for as long as they also have the courage to learn and enhance such talent.

One time, when I saw on television a 10-year-old boy who knew how to play epiphone sheraton ii already, I thought to myself that soon as I have my own child, I’ll sure to let him or her indulged to music classes. How I just wish!


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