The Kids…someday.

My niece and nephew, Didang and Didong, respectively, used to tell me that they wanted to be like me, a medical professional someday, when they grow up. Being at their young age, maybe one can tell that they only say it because that is what they almost always see and hear from us that they should be doctors. And that is also maybe because of what they are playing with – doctor-patient-hospital setting play sets at home.

Personally, I am not saying I don’t want them to be, but I don’t want them to experience the hardships and difficulties I’d experienced since I was in college, in University of the Philippines. Though I and the family are wishing they could enter the prestigious university and spend their college years there, I don’t want them to take up the same degree I finished which, for me, was really difficult to have if you don’t have the courage and determination to have it. Then, we had our individual research paper which required us two (2) years to complete. Good enough there was a company who sponsored and funded our research, like, so we had smooth flowing research process., by the way, is a company which helps provide medical researches funds and resources in performing clinical trials and research projects.

Moreover, the experience of doing research alone, neither in pair nor in group, from proposal to research investigation to final defence and revisions of papers, is what I couldn’t imagine the kids could do. Or maybe, I am just fearfully thinking they couldn’t do, as of now?

But hopefully, of whatever dreams they wanted to become sooner or later, hope the kids can give their best and perform their responsibilities well.


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