Trick or Treat 2013

Kids here in our new place are excited to have a trick or treat activity. Since I am already part of this said place, I am also thinking of preparing some goodies for those lovely kids. In fact, a number of houses in the neighborhood are also prepping already. They have Halloween decorations everywhere in their houses. So I guess, I have to join with them enjoying this trick or treat 2013.

Trick or Treat

My aunt who happens to be my companion here at home suggested me to create a Jack-O-Lantern made of wood. I have no idea how to create one but checking out made me something to work on. But with my very limited ability on working with woods, I might just try a Jack-O-Lantern made of pumpkin or large squash available in the market. I also have seen one made of melon fruit. It’s colored green outside but painting it with yellow might add some realistic image of a Jack-O-Lantern.

Well, we will just see after this month if I really can manage to make one and enjoy the trick or treat 2013 here in our new place. Hopefully, I could! Smiley

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