A Mother’s Love on Love Month 2014

Love month is officially here and so mother love should also be celebrated then. Since this is my first love month to celebrate with my son and being a first time mommy, I thought of giving a special gift for my baby. However, after weeks of seriously contemplating on things to buy for my baby, I have decided to buy him a glider.

Fisher Price Glider

But my mom and sister discouraged me when I shared the idea to them because my sister gave me her baby’s old swing. Thence I thought of having glider for myself like the pick n glider at guitar center minus the glider but minus the pick because I don’t know how to play guitars and I don’t even have guitar also.

So for this Love Month, February 2014, I still have to think even more to what I have to give as present for my son. For the min time, I want to share this:

A Mother's Love

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