First Time Mom

I can’t exactly explain and put it in words how I feel having a big healthy barney now. Yes, you heard it right, I just recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy. He weighed 7.65 pounds and stands 57 cms. I just can’t imagine how this little yet literally big boy compresses his body inside mine given the fact that he’s weights and measures beyond the normal. He’s really a big and tall boy. Then again, I still successfully and safely delivered him.

Mommy and Baby Zach1-month old Baby Zach and Mommy 🙂

Being a first time mom, though not my first time to take care of little beings, is still a knee-jerking and a mind-blowing often times. This is because I have hard time applying what I have learned and experienced in the hospital to my own baby. Ironic, somehow, isn’t it. But that’s true and that’s what I feel now. My books in medical school are actually my references to how I could give the proper hygienic way of giving the best care for my baby. Though many people do not totally believe in medical sciences in taking care of babies because they still rely on superstitions, I still stick to what I have learned because I know those are already been proven to provide the best care for little ones.

What I am just hoping and praying since I was still pregnant is that my baby boy will grow up the way he should be.

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