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I’ve asked a number of mommies — both working moms and stay at home mommies, of what they usually do during their free time.

Mommy and a Kid (image source and credits)

For working mommies, most of them said they usually play with their kids, go to the mall with the whole family or opt to stay at home and watch TV together. Others said, they reign the kitchen and cook and prepare the most favorite foods for their kids and family.

However, for those stay at home mommies, there are evident differences. Many said they go shopping for their-selves and for the kids as well. While some said, they find time to check their online accounts like Facebook, emails and even play online games like those applications in Facebook.

If I were to ask, though I am not a mommy per se yet, I am just a mommy to my niece and nephews — I don’t have a baby, a child of my own, and if that time comes, there might be only two things I would love to do during my free time. First is to go shopping for myself and of course, I would never forget my online gaming.

Shopping for me is a way to de-stress and a relaxant from the busy world. Even this time, that I am still studying and looking forward for a busier career and profession soon, I really try to find myself a time to go to the mall and stop by at any of my fave boutiques and stores. They eventually take all my stresses away.

Online games, like Wink Bingo, they are my stopgap before a shift to any of my mental works. They freshen up my busy minds for an hour or two of playing. Still, a relaxant for me.

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