Leaving Your Dog At A Daycare

If you’re gone during the day because of work or other commitments and don’t have the time to spend with your dog, then look into a daycare facility. Your dog can spend time with other dogs and get attention from a caring staff until you pick him up at the end of the day. It’s like a childcare center for children, but there are only four-legged friends who are learning, playing and interacting.

When you take your pet to a doggie day care in Michigan, explore the center with the dog. Pay attention to his demeanor as this will let you know whether he likes being there or not. Ask questions about what the dogs do during the day, what kind of food they give the dogs or if you need to provide your own and if there are any vaccination requirements. If your dog likes being around others, then he will probably enjoy a daycare. On the other hand, if he’s never really been around a lot of dogs, then it can be a time to learn how to interact with them so that he does better while you’re at a park or in another location where there are dogs present.

Check references and the background information for the facility. There are some facilities that simply want the money and don’t care about the well-being of the animals that are there. Look to see if there have been any issues in the past with dogs at the center getting sick, injured or dying. If the center isn’t clean or the staff doesn’t seem to want to get involved with the care of the dogs, then you might want to find another location.

Most of the time, you’re going to drop your dog off in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon. The facility can work with your schedule depending on how many days a week you need care. While at the daycare, your dog will usually have some type of structure during the day. There will usually be playtime and time to go outside for a potty break as well as one or two meals provided.


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