School Closing 2013 for the Kids

March is always a very nostalgic month for me since I started schooling — since I was a kid. I always look forward for this month to come not for the coming summer vacation as the school closing preceded but rather for the awards that I always wanting to receive.

School ClosingSchool Closing! (image from

This time around, I found myself too old for this to get more excited for school closing anymore but I still do, not for myself but for the kids, Didong and Didang.  As I’ve always mentioning, they are already in their kindergarten and by far, the two kids are doing great. Even though I am not one of their parents, my heart seemed expounding to see them receiving their awards this month. I don’t know if that would be in a ribbon or custom engraved plaques form or so, but what’s most important is the happiness and inspiration those awards could offer to them to be doing better in the next school year.

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