Summer 2013 Music Classes for Didong and Didang

It’s almost summer months and when talking about these months, aside from beach outing and vacation trips, what I always remember during my younger years are the summer classes we enrolled at. Mom always send me to mathematics class coz I really was a slow-kid when it comes to numbers. But I can’t fully remember where my siblings attend during those classes. LOL!

Well, those summer classes were just some sort of supplementation for our learning in formal classes. And it all went good. So for this coming summer months, mom once mentioned to me about enrolling the two kids, Didong and Didang, to summer classes. I suggested music classes for them but mom wanted them to have an advance learning on Mathematics, English and Science.

Summer Music Classes for KidsSummer Music Classes for Kids (image from

These are just talks between the two of us. But if mom allowed me, I want the kids to enroll in a talent or skilled activities considering they are still too young for advance lessons. It’s just like having fun during summer and not so serious classes yet for them. For Didong, he may want to improve his singing talent or trying out playing musical instruments like new bassoon, guitar, drums or violin. On the other hand, Didang may opt to have a ballet lessons or might as well join Didong, instead, and enjoy learning musical instruments too.

What do you think?

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