Carpenter Toy Sets for the Big Boys

I am not sure if I can fly home before the Holy Week and spend the week with the family, with the kids. However, though my flights weren’t booked yet, I am already making sure that the toys for the kids are fully packed.

For the big boys at home, I mean for the two boys, for Didong and Abong, a carpenters’ toy set will be packed for them. Included in the toy set are screw drivers, saw, adjustable levers, hammer and a lot more. The toy set is really for a big boy. Isn’t it?

For the girls, since the two lovely girls are not of same age, Baby Keneta is just a month old while Didang will be turning six (6), I am thinking of a baby pillow set for Baby Keneta and a doll house for Didang. Didang has many dolls already at home but no doll houses. So I assume, it’s a good idea to have her dolls a new house.

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