How to train infant to drink water?

Obviously, I am a first time mom and I honestly do not know how to train my baby Zach on how to drink water in a cup. So what I did, I simply browse online any parenting or motherhood forum and looked for training drinking water for infants topic. And boom, in just a click, I have found and read a lot of stories which dig down to start using rubber sippy cup training bottle for infants. Of course, the materials should be BPA-free.

How to train infant to drink water?

The image above is a collage of some of the images I document during the first day of training or should I say, the first day Zach used his sippy training cup. I found him very cooperative and easy to teach so I guess, I haven’t had hard time letting him drink the water by himself alone.

Before the month ends, I will probably introduce him semi-solid foods which you guys should watch out for.

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